Meet Hermione Underwood - the powerhouse PR, jewellery designer, influencer, world traveller and all round boss dog. Read about her daily circuit, personal style and what she would take if stranded on a desert island...
1. Describe your title and role
I find it really hard to ‘define' my job. I have a comm’s agency, The H Collective, which I founded and run with a small team. I also founded and run my jewellery label, Atelier Romy, with my wonderful business partner Sabine. Finally, I have a travel and fashion blog which I write at called Hermione Olivia. 

2. Give us a run down.. a day in the life of
I rise early and do emails and calls to AUS clients from 7-9AM. From this point on, no two days are the same. I race between design and production meetings for Atelier Romy with my business partner Sabine, to PR meetings, brand events, social content creation shoots for my own blog and social channels and/or clients feeds and then, often meeting clients for meetings into the night. I work long days and kind of never turn off but I love what I do, and who I work with, so it rarely feels like work. 
3. What was that life changing moment that gave you your big break?
Still waiting. There have been lots of little moments, I take most opportunities that are presented to me.
4. Career highlight so far?
It’s all kind of a highlight… I’m proud I took the plunge to start my own businesses young and that I’ve stuck at it through it all. I remain proud of what I’m achieving for my own businesses and my clients. 
5. Most valuable lesson you have learned in business?
Keep going. Work hard. Be honest. Give good energy. The little tasks add up to be a great whole. 
6.What are your cheap as chips, beauty tips?
Start a blog ;/ No seriously, my best ‘cheap’ investment is Tan Luxe - I literally don’t need make up now because it gives me a bronze glow. Just add it in your moisturiser et voila! Perfect for life in England and looking semi healthy year round!  
7.Favourite trend for the upcoming season?
The colours brown, burnt caramel and tan seem to be having a moment which I love. I also love the check and tartan trend, and grandpa jumpers!! So fun for winter. 
8.How would you describe your personal style?
Comfort is my priority. I am quite androgynous as I love wearing pants, blazers, shirts and sneakers. But then I throw in a bright red glitter dress. 
9. What is your current get up and go song?
I don’t have one, I have many… on my spotify playlist, @hermioneolivia. 
10. Destination at the top of your wish list
LA… in just a few weeks, I am so excited! I’ve never been to Japan which I would love to do ASAP, or South America. I’m also desperate to go on another Safari in Africa and to get back to the Maldives. 
11. Stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
A knife, matches and an inflatable life raft… Get me back to London! 
12. Quote of the day! What are your words to live by?
Strength through vulnerability. 
Top five favourite picks from Circuit Collective 
Now that I’ve started training… LNDR Gamma Bra with the Six Eight Leggings
I love the Gestuz Akon Blazer (I shot it recently, as pictured). 
I have these Chimi sunglasses and wear them all the time.
My Mum would be so happy if I wore this Gestuz Karina Pullover everyday and I love that it is longer at the back.