Not only is our favourite Scandi label effortlessly chic and nailing all of this season ultimate street style trends, they are saving the planet – one impeccably tailored outfit at a time.

The goal over the next few seasons is for the brand to have a minimum of 20% of collections meeting the sustainable mark, with many of these initiatives already featured in current collections; from organic cotton in their basic T-shirts, cami’s made from recycled plastic bottles and ethical leather Gestuz is on track to set the bar for other retailers.

Cami’s out of recycled plastic bottles? Don’t worry, us too – hell no we are not walking around in bottles sewn together to then be called “fashion” – but this is far from the reality of what Gestuz is achieving. The brand is taking PET plastic bottles and weaving them into polyester fibres to create some of the most stand out prints in their most recent collections (see the Lynx Singlet online now). These plastic bottles are collected from China, Indonesia and Taiwan and the brand works closely with collaborators such as Unifi and Repreve to guarantee 100% recycled polyester for customers.

What are the benefits of using recycled polyester from plastic fibres:
+ less water and energy usage in production
+ less cO2 emissions
+ No oil resources
+ bottles have a secondary purpose
+ Gestuz is also focusing heavily on using recycled polyester garments and old clothes to produce new products

Organic Cotton:
+ GOTS Certified to the Global organic textile standard
+ Organic Cotton is grown with zero use of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers
+ Focus on the education of farmers 

Ethical Leather
+ From North Island New Zealand (co-founder Alex’s home country woooo!)
+ Strict animal welfare policies
+ highest standards of ISO 14001 and SA8000
+100% traceable

We don’t know about you, but we are all about a brand that not only makes us look good, but feel good, and know that we are giving a little bit of good back too.